My dad and stepmom went up north-ish this weekend to celebrate her birthday, so I’m house-sitting and generously eating their food for them.  In the morning, my stepbrother and I will drive somewhere between “here” and “there” to meet them for lunch.  My stepsister might also join us.

Malls are odd places full of strange people who all seem to walk in pairs.  Lenore’s bridal shower is on Sunday, so shopping for appropriate attire was necessary.  I now own a dress.  And stilettos.
Sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore.

I’ve just wasted the last several hours of my life looking at hilarious gifs.  Time to call it a night.
In just a minute.

Yesterday (or the day before, I suppose), I went to campus and ran into a few friends while there.  They showed me a video that effectively robbed me of several years of sanity.  It’s a real gem.  I’m not sure understanding Korean would have enhanced the experience in any significant way, but that’s merely speculation.

…I’ll just leave this here.

UPDATE: I’ve found where they hid the chocolate.  That one had almonds in it, though.

Sneaky bastards.


~ by Ashley on August 11, 2012.


  1. I feel no amount of Korean could make that video rational. My group of friends has been treating it like a rickroll lately. : P

    May I suggest this guy for all your stiletto needs.

    • That is beautiful, Jake. Absolutely perfect.

      And your group of friends has either wonderful tastes or horrible and terrifying tastes. I can’t quite decide which.

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