Apparently “Stop” means GO ALL OUT and then gesture angrily when the sea doesn’t part for you.

Ha ha, Strivna.  Your email cannot save you now.

I was almost in my first traffic accident today because I missed the memo that stop signs have been deemed useless.  Aside from a scuff on the bumper of my car that came off when I wiped it with my finger, my car is fine and I didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m okay and generally unaffected.  I’m still very pleased with my day today.

…Even though there was no astronomy club, either.

[This is about where I fell asleep.  A fun habit is in the making, I can tell.]

I had a thought today.  I’m not sure how much I actually like running and doing triathlons.  Long runs and bike rides can be fun, sure, but it’s more accurate to label them as addictions.
I had told my professor I have a race next weekend, and somehow the idea of “liking doing these things” came up.  It felt wrong to agree with that sentiment, but I couldn’t think of a proper response fast enough to make it worthwhile.

Science is fun.

I admittedly have no idea how to become an “expert” in sticking hands in crazy things, guy.  Can I see your certificate?  Where can I get one?  Who do I report to if I think someone has a fake??

EDIT: YouTube, stop plaguing my consciousness with Republican garbage.  Please and thank you.


~ by Ashley on August 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “Apparently “Stop” means GO ALL OUT and then gesture angrily when the sea doesn’t part for you.”

  1. Firstly, I did not even find this through email. I just looked up your blog during my lunch break (which I totally did not wait until 3:15 to start >.>). Nice try, though. Ha ha.

    Secondly, I am not surprised that you fell asleep. Not that I noticed that last night or anything. No, not at all. Also, there’s this new story read by Samuel L. Jackson. I think you might enjoy it. Just saying.

    Thirdly, not all Republican garbage is “garbage.” Some of it is a comedy goldmine, such as Herman Cain singing a song from “The Pokemon Movie” (which actual Pokemon fans know as “Pokemon: The Movie 2000”), that is wrapped up in metric fuck-tons of garbage. But, yes, most of it is garbage.

    • You checked my blog during your lunch break? I feel so sorry for you. Don’t you have anything better to do during lunch? Like eat?

      And can you illustrate what the hell a metric fuck-ton is?
      HINT: Diagrams are useful.

      • I never eat on my lunch break. How do you not remember this, considering you always say that I “do not eat enough?”

        Also, a metric ton is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms. Following this fact, a metric fuck-ton is equivalent to 1,000 fuckilograms (the measurement of fuck-mass). We must also look at the fact that I used the plural form of this measurement. The minimum weight for this particular usage of the plural form is two metric fuck-tons, or 2,000 fuckilograms. Therefore, comedic value can only be found in a minimum of 2,000 fuckilograms of Republican garbage. If you want pictures, I can whip something up for you in Paint.

      • That’s the point. You need to eat more. I am saying you have better things to do, e.g. eating more.

        Aside from that… I have nothing left to say, except that you are making my blog rated R very quickly haha.

      • You were getting on me for “not being a good stalker.” Ever think I just wanted to make you proud? Hmmmm?

        Well, to a point, it’s your fault for inviting my Tauros feces onto your blog. Next time, perhaps you shall think twice before asking me to illustrate something while outside the realm of Skype. Regardless, you are quite welcome. Teehee.

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