Punctuation? What’s that?

Internet has given up on me today, so here’s a quick hello from my magical phone.

Anxiety hasn’t been friendly lately, so i’ve been keeping busy. Cleaning around the house, running, and music all help.

I need to remember to order my textbooks once I have operable internet again.

I have a race tomorrow morning up in Holly. First race i’ve done since I broke my ankle a month or two ago. I actually have no idea how long ago it was. Not important anyway. So I’ll either be going to bed stupid-early, or I’ll be staying awake all night. Have to leave here by 6am

normally I end these sessions with a picture or video, but I don’t know how to do that from here, so I’ll have to properly embed this later.
the best part is, he’s got all the right cycling gear.


~ by Ashley on August 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Punctuation? What’s that?”

  1. *nibbles anxiety and digests it*

    The phrase “break a leg” went through my mind from my old theater days, but that wouldn’t exactly be appropriate in this situation. So, I will just wish you all the best. Also, sleep is good.

    Oh, and I totally have textbooks for you. If you want me to look into more, I can technically do that for you… >.>

    • Probably for the best you didn’t wish me luck that way. You know, seeing as you’ve got a messed-up foot from your theater days.

      I’ve ordered one of my textbooks this evening (well, the textbook and then the corresponding student manual) from Amazon. There are two of them I’m going to look into while on campus tomorrow, or at least that is my current plan. Last time I went to campus with a specific plan, I failed miserably, so…
      Thanks though. : P

      • Seeing as I got a messed-up foot from my stair-climbing days, which are still upon us, and not from my theater days, probably for the best you didn’t…I just lost where I was going with this. >__>

        There are great distractions awaiting you on campus. The fact that your plans failed miserably does not surprise me. At all. But yes, I wish you well on your forthcoming adventure. May purpose and focus grant you safe passage through the violent seas of distraction, for you will nee-OOH, CHOCOLATE MILK.

      • Well. You shouldn’t be surprised by that, seeing as I had told you about it when it happened, and I even wrote about it on this thing…

      • Shoooosh. >___>;;;

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