Achievement Unlocked.

The financial aid situation is taken care of.  All textbooks procured except for a lab manual.  Aside from that, all that’s left to do is start classes next Wednesday.  I’m anxious to start.  It’s important that I know my classes aren’t going to maul me.

I got to catch up with Mel today, and she showed me her new apartment.  I love it.

Since I added that CSIE class the week before last, I’m considering dropping German (a 5-credit class) in exchange for a miscellaneous 3-credit class.  I’ve already gotten the textbook, though, and my schedule would need revamping again, so I’ll probably just stick with it.  I don’t know; I am undecided.  German isn’t my first choice because it isn’t Russian, but nothing else offered is Russian either, so I guess I don’t care.

I have nothing else significant to talk about today.  Rather than bore you all with more of my inconsequential mundanities, I’ll leave you with this.  At around 30 seconds, I started screaming at the asshole to CUT IT THE HELL OUT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FOOL, and I curled into a protective ball around my hands.

And to make up for that unforgivable show of alskdfjioew, here’s this.

On a more sad and serious note, upon the return of my internet, I learned Neil Armstrong passed away recently.

…and since I tend to try to lighten the mood, here’s this too.  While it’s obviously not real, it’s fitting nonetheless.

Look at that, I’ve spoiled you all with several things now.  Look how special you are.

~ by Ashley on August 28, 2012.

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