Yes, this is my life now. Why do you ask?

I’m going through pictures I’ve saved on my laptop, because I can, and I’ve come across several of Saturn.

My heartbreakingly beautiful Saturn.

Obviously, these are not my photos.  I merely appreciate them.  Because I can.  Now it’s your turn.  Yes, you.

HOW THE HELL DO I USE SPOILERS ON THIS THING.  You can click on any one of them to make it bigger.

This one was taken by Voyager 2.

Raw image of Saturn’s rings, courtesy of Cassini.

Saturn and Titan, which is pretty damn cool.

Don’t laugh at me.  I’m exposing part of my soul to you.

A storm on Saturn!

Another raw image of Saturn taken by the Cassini orbiter.

The moon Prometheus passing through a ring.

SO MANY SATURNS! Orbits around the sun are fun!

My picture of Titan’s surface has run away.  Tch.

Look at that, I’ve run out of pictures to beat you over the head with.
Lucky you.

Don’t let me write any more posts after midnight.  I’m sure I will be embarrassed by this when I get up in the morning.


EDIT: Nope, this is still just as awesome when it isn’t 3am.


~ by Ashley on August 31, 2012.

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