We have liftoff!

I’m two days into the pursuit of my physics degree.  Linear algebra is twelve shades of cryptic, but I get the impression it’s simply a game whose rules I haven’t quite grown accustomed to yet.  Practice will take care of that.  I still don’t know what to expect of physics 223, but the professor intimidates me.  I don’t think he means to; he seems the kind of person who isn’t comfortable standing in front of a group of people.  Once he relaxes, everyone else does too.  The only class I have yet to experience is the lab for 223.

German can fuck itself is going to be an interesting experience.  Professor walked in at the beginning of class, looked around the cramped classroom disapprovingly, and babbled on in German for the first full hour of class.  It wasn’t horrible, but I’ve never encountered anything quite like it.  After a while it got easier to muddle around for some meaning, and I even managed to answer one of his questions, but I felt like a total idiot anyway.  I regret not dropping it in favor of something else when I took on CSIE, but there’s no point in bothering now.  One semester won’t kill anyone.

I got an email on Tuesday asking if I’d be interested/able/willing to teach any astronomy lab sections this semester – the words “please say yes” were involved – so I’m teaching my first lab section this semester.  On one hand I’m scared shitless.  On the other hand, this is going to be so awesome.  I need to talk to folks on Monday to get the paperwork filled out so I can get keys to All The Things.  I’ve been told, after the club meeting today, someone added my name to the list of instructors on the board in the hall, so “it’s official.”  Gahhhalsieujfd, this is going to be fun.

Tomorrow morning, or this morning, or what-have-you, I’m heading off to DC for the weekend.  Perhaps if you’re lucky I’ll update while I’m there.

I have so much to share.  These can come first.  For AVEN.  Still wish this thing had spoilers…
You've got red on you.Red foxes.Red fox.

And then there’s this, because I want this thing pretty badly.
Itty bitty fish tank.

And one more.  Here on Earth.

I lied about the “one more.”  Everyone needs beautiful music.

Goodnight, my lovelies.


~ by Ashley on September 7, 2012.

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