Dance with us into oblivion!

I never know how to break the ice, but I can’t see your judgment from all the way out here. You will have to try harder.

It’s okay. Dr. Koehn’s aloe plant is still alive and well after these past two years, so I figure I can try a little bit harder too.

Let’s see. This semester’s lineup:

  • Physics 456 – Electronics and lab
    • fun so far but a shit-ton of work
  • Astronomy 379 – Comparative Planetology
    • fun because mechanics AND astronomy
      • thank the gods
    • class consists of seven students and is taught by Dr. Koehn
      • so there is kind of no losing
  • Math 325 – Differential Equations
    • seem familiar?
  • something else I don’t care enough about right now to remember
    • Chemistry 121 and chem lab 122
  • a two-weekend bicycling class
    • that is unfortunately already over after Saturday
  • and I teach two astronomy labs this semester
    • this is my sixth semester teaching labs!

Anyway. I have unfinished planetology homework due tomorrow.

Have a song.


~ by Ashley on September 30, 2014.

One Response to “Dance with us into oblivion!”

  1. If you bring chocolate when you teach, does it become a chocolate lab?

    I’ll see myself out again.

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