I wish decisions didn’t have to start happening to me right before weekends.

I just remembered/rediscovered my leftover Potbelly sandwich in the fridge, so my outlook has already brightened considerably.

I’m considering pushing graduation back to next winter instead of this winter.

Ten credit hours of 300/400 level physics classes will likely either kill me or make me wish it would. I’ve been burnt out from school because I’m too stressed out because too many things are happening all at once, but I really want to want to be here again and start working harder. If I graduate after this winter semester, my next semester will include the following load from hell:

  • Phy 330 – Intermediate Mechanics
  • Phy 350 – Electricity and Magnetism
  • Phy 406 – Ethics (only one credit hour)
  • Phy 420 – Capstone Project

E/M and Capstone are not guaranteed to be offered next winter, but Mechanics and Ethics will be. Not taking Ethics this winter and pushing that off until next winter along with Mechanics means nobody can make me graduate before I would be able to replace the shitty grade I got in Mechanics last winter. So graduating after NEXT winter would mean the following:

  • Winter 2015 (next semester)
    • E/M
    • Capstone
    • some other stuff
  • Fall 2015
    • Phy 360 – Heat and Thermodynamics
      • I took this last fall and did alright I guess, but now that I’m taking Chemistry I’m ashamed of how much I had struggled with it. I can fix this grade by a lot.
    • whatever Strength and Elasticity is,
      • I always wanted the chance to either take this,
    • or maybe if Optics is offered
      • or this, because telescopes and astronomy
    • some other stuff
  • Winter 2016 (and then graduation)
    • Mechanics
    • Ethics
    • …Astrophysics?
    • some other stuff

I’d write more but I have to go. I’m going to talk to Dr. Koehn before I decide for real. Mostly I’m tired of feeling like I’ve lost everything. I went back to school for physics for a reason. I’m starting to remember what that reason was. Science is Fun. I don’t want next winter semester to be so bombarded with Everything That Exists that my grades are too shitty for grad school to ever be an option. And I can do better than this.


~ by Ashley on November 8, 2014.

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