Time Warp… Again

Coming to you from my new Acer Chromebook 11, because my old laptop is broken. Chrome OS. It’s weird.
Incidentally, I can’t use Skype or Steam. Halp?

Sad Sack 1

I’d decided to stick around another year because I probably couldn’t have passed capstone, electrodynamics, mechanics and ethics all at once. And now I’ll have more time to teach more labs. Maybe physics someday?

Mom had a stroke earlier this month, but all things considered she’s doing alright. She’s been at home for almost a week now. Her right hand isn’t quite back to normal yet, but it doesn’t seem like anything else was affected by the stroke, and her doctors expect her to make a full recovery, so, probably the best way that could have gone.

That same day, Brandon wrecked his car dodging some asshole who decided to drive with his windshields all fogged up.

Brandon’s mom, on the other hand, was diagnosed with stage four gastric cancer like two days later. We’ve all been banned from researching how serious that is. We’re hopeful but not stupid.

Sad Sack 2

For real though.

Anyway, gotta go. Things to do. People to maim. Food to eat.


~ by Ashley on January 25, 2015.

3 Responses to “Time Warp… Again”

  1. I…I know of a way to solve your Skype/Steam/Firefox problem, but you’d totally hate me for it. :3 At least you don’t have to worry about Universe Sandbox 2 for a while?

    Probably a wise decision on your part. And I’m not just saying that because I want to go to your graduation. >.> What does your class schedule look like now?

    Again, I hope everything goes well for your mom. Send her my best if you haven’t already. And again, if you have.

    I was seriously wondering when I’d hear anything about Brandon from you. Really sucks that the first mention happens under these circumstances. :/ Send my best to him as well. (Since I haven’t been banned from such things, I have researched into it; since you were banned from such things, I will not mention anything about it)

    Obviously, without saying, my best-best always goes to you. Saying it anyway.

    YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT YOU’RE GONNA BE EATING FOOD! Bonus points if it’s the people you maim, but let’s focus on one step at a time.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. And you better not be getting yourself into trouble! I guess I could talk about this semester at sometime soon too, huh? XD

    I have let her know already, but I will let her know again. She actually drove her car to a nearby store the other day, which I think was a little empowering for her. I haven’t really talked about Brandon because it’s bad enough that you and I never get to talk as it is! He says thank-you for the support though. ^^

    Cannibalize programming code, not people.
    …or is it the other way around?

    • Not sure if sarcasm or actually not knowing what I’m talking about. >.>

      Wow, driving a car this soon is pretty fucking impressive. Congrats to her.

      Fish are friends, not food.
      People, on the other hand…

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