Life? Oh yeah, that.

This semester’s lineup was designed to be a little less intimidating, but sharing a car, my mom’s and Brandon’s mom’s ordeals have kind of wrecked everything. Also, Dr. Pawlowski is a little too hands-off with his classes, which is unfortunate only because he’s teaching my two upper-level classes this semester. He’s great when he teaches – I’m just not sure he likes to.


  • Physics 350 – Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics 420 – Capstone
  • Earth Science 212 – Climate, Weather and Earth Systems
  • Yoga
  • Piano
  • I’ve also got an astronomy lab section~

E&M is notorious for failing at least 40% of its students every semester. In Capstone, last year under his command, only one of the four high-altitude weather balloon teams successfully launched their balloons and retrieved their payloads afterward. Or was it none of them? Combined with his “Here, get the textbook and teach yourselves E&M while I talk about Python and LaTeX” method, I’m in for an interesting semester. But that’s okay. I taught myself how to find the charge on an insulating shell with non-uniform charge distribution today. I do every assigned reading and take detailed notes. And I’m ready for tomorrow. >:3

ESSC 212 (“Atmospheres”) is essentially for fun but because I’m interested in learning the science. Piano and Yoga are fillers but they’re also for fun. I’ve been teaching myself this lately. Almost done.

This seems like a good opportunity to get a little bit closer to enough sleep before class tomorrow, so until next time.


~ by Ashley on January 29, 2015.

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