Word in the reading room is that the not-assigned-but-then-suddenly-assigned homework problems weren’t used toward boosting our exam grades, so there’s news. I was late to class today so I didn’t get to hear it firsthand. At least I’m not angry anymore. Just a little sore with residual frustration and ugh from being vitriolic for two solid weeks. And I finished one of the homework problems for Thursday in class today because I taught myself his silly regurgitated lecture already.

Broke in my phone with Ingress tonight while Brandon was in class. The battery lasted the whole time playing + listening to 8tracks, which is phenomenal. And I got messaged by not one but two regular players who had tips for me, which is neat considering I am awkward as fuck.

The Inventek GPS chip for our weather balloon payload in Capstone is flat-out defective. My team member Susan has emailed the company and hopefully we won’t have to order a new one and then not get it in time for launch, because this is supposed to be the primary tracking unit for the whole damn project.  And this is the PCB that the chip gets soldered to.


Well, it would be, if it had been made with the right dimensions. It’s only very slightly off, but the chip is supposed to be soldered onto the little square with the little metal tabs, and its little metal tabbies didn’t line up with the tabs on the PCB you see there. I soldered all of it on a correct PCB for our broken chip. Now I might get to do it again~

Bah. I’ll take another picture if I have to solder anything tomorrow.

In celebration of no more E&M bullshit-stress:


~ by Ashley on March 4, 2015.

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