Breaker, breaker…

Took the Ham radio license test last night and got a perfect score.

If you ever want to get a Ham technician’s license, which is not a bad idea if you ever want to do physics and such, use this website to study for the test. The test itself only consists of 35 questions all pulled from the questions on that site. Those are even the same answer options to the questions, in the same order as they appear on the actual exam. Like I said, after I spent time studying I got a perfect score and was finished within like two minutes. The test itself cost $15.

The weather here had been oscillating between pretty cold and very slightly warmer for a couple days, which did interesting things to the snow. It got warm enough to start sleeting a little bit after it had snowed a lot, and then it got cold again, so it turned into a sheet of slickness atop the snow.


The top layer of shiny-snow was so crispy! You could skip rocks across the top of it! It was fun to walk on, but then I felt bad about ruining the pretty, so I stopped.


This week is supposedly supposed to get warmer, so, probably not much more snow after this.

Got some things for cheap from eBay today. Like, things for $0.80. Surprises in the mail: check.

Bedtime before another week.


~ by Ashley on March 9, 2015.

One Response to “Breaker, breaker…”

  1. Ooh, congrats on the perfect score. ^^

    Yeah, we kinda had that in reverse order. It warmed up a bit and caused sleet/freezing rain, then turned back over to snow. We just got 6-8 inches last night and it totally caught me off guard when I woke up this morning lol. Then it got up into the 40s in the afternoon and what the fuck it was like a blizzard this morning. o.o

    How can you you send secret things to yourself if you were the one to order them? Cannot brain that one.

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