Holy five years!

Turns out that’s a pretty long amount of time when you sit down to think about it, which I rarely have time to do anymore.

A lot’s happened, so get comfortable.

Met new people and made new friends all over the world. Got to see inner workings of how a forum operates. Broke off an engagement, moved on and met even more new people. Rented my first and second apartments. Spent two months homeless.

Took my first physics and astronomy courses five years ago, went on to get a double-bachelors degree in sociology and psychology with a minor in social work, only to fall in love with the stars and then take a huge leap into physics anyway. Switched to physics research earlier this week, because I’m taking all the harder classes for it anyway and my adviser finally saw the email I sent her about it a year ago, hot damn.

Bunnies happened. Puppies happened somewhere around then too, as did a gerbil. Had my first job at Meijer – still have the plant I bought at the end of my time there, and it’s huge now. Being a copy-editor happened. Coached long distance runners in track for two seasons (well, one and a half). Been teaching astronomy labs for three years now.

Two laptops, the one before this purchased specifically with AVEN in mind. Got my first car about five years ago too. Broke a few phones but always kept the same number. Grew my hair out, cut it super-short and then grew it back out again. Ran my first marathon. Sparred with an eating disorder.

Other firsts, including leaving the country for the first time, failing my first class and getting into mountain biking and kayaking, and stuff. Went skiing for the first time. Acquired my first telescope. Watched one of my old high school friends get married. Helped (helping) mom through her first stroke.

vulvagia oh lord
Anyway. Thanks for all the ups and downs along the way, AVEN. You’ve impacted my life in drastic ways. :cake:


~ by Ashley on March 21, 2015.

One Response to “Holy five years!”

  1. It makes me feel slightly old when I realize I specifically remember a lot of these events. It also makes me realize what I total derp I am when I realize I still remember the specific conversations (and link-spamming) that occurred alongside those events. >.>

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