The Tape Incident

T’was the class before Test One
And all through Strong Hall
The students were struggling
To cram up through Gauss’ Law.

Our class notes were sparse,
Expectations unfair.
Our teacher was distant
And all was despair.

We expected, of course,
For some sort of review,
And everything seemed new.

We all took our seats,
Bright-eyed but wary:
He came in with props and
The future seemed scary.

The beginning of class,
We split into pairs.
As he passed out instructions
And tape strips, we stared.

The point of the game
Was to layer the tape,
Rub both pieces at once,
And make charges separate.

It’s clever, of course,
With science to learn,
But this is 350 –
We saw that last term.

This went on, and on,
For three-quarters an hour
While anxiety spiked
And expressions grew sour.

After all this time wasted,
Did we get to review?
No, of course not –
He started something new.

Then, on exam day,
Despite open-notes,
The test was disastrous,
Which totally blows.

Only six people passed
Out of, like, 20ish.
The average was wack, so
Hellooo~ D minus.

The class did so bad
The de facto Boss heard.
So P sorta panicked
And did Things Absurd.

But that goes beyond
The story at present.
So “here” ends the tale
Of The Tape Incident.

Gob performing


~ by Ashley on April 2, 2015.

One Response to “The Tape Incident”

  1. […] Brandon also tells me he mentioned the tape incident aloud at about the same time as I laughed. I didn’t hear him, but he thinks Pawlowski […]

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