T minus ten hours!

Well, sort of. Our payload system consists of two general categories of electronic devices: sensors, and tracking devices. The sensors on board track temperature, humidity, UV-exposure, accelerations and pressure. The tracking setup consists of a custom-made Titan launchpad and an Inventek GPS device, which speak to each other and ultimately transmit satellite-given coordinates back to a ground station (our radio) in real time. It was a really exciting time this morning: One of our teammates sent out an email saying the GPS was finally working – something that had been giving us problems the entire semester – and we were basically ready to launch. But when I walked into the reading room before going into the lab to work on my team, P saw me in there and told me I should go look at our payload box. Just go look. Okay.

Walked into the capstone lab, set my stuff down. The entire payload box had been sawed in two, with the innards spilled out onto the table.
“Hey guys… how’s it going?”
“Our Titan blew up, we aren’t going to be able to launch tomorrow.” Okay.

Walked right back out to P in the reading room, looking defeated.

We’re sending up the rest of our payload, which has been reduced to all the sensors stuffed into a styrofoam box roughly the size of a brick, with Hans’s group’s balloon and payload around 10am. Brandon just got back from working in the lab, like, twenty minutes ago, because some arrogance and a GPS coding fuckup has just stopped their team from being able to launch entirely. Mostly because our team has already been given permission to launch with Hans, and attaching a third payload at this point would put the entire apparatus over the weight limit. I’m going to try to get permission to launch a balloon over the summer with a few folks. It’s been done before.

I have to sleep. Getting up at 5am tomorrow for the launch is going to suck.

Look at me, still talking when there’s science to do.


~ by Ashley on April 15, 2015.

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