But wait, shouldn’t the — ah, fuck it.

I’ve been too burned out to think out loud about my life or any shit classes.

I have a decision to make about which classes I want to retake next winter. Unless I don’t make a decision (which is terrifying and probably the most likely outcome) and take E&M, Quantum and Mechanics all at the same time and spend all summer studying all three classes. Life is sad either way.

So far I’m working in the office up at school over the summer and teaching a lab section, which starts in an hour and fifteen minutes. I do not feel like teaching today but at least it’s only the intro activity. Just spent all morning updating my syllabus, so now I won’t really have to think when introducing the schedule and observations. All of my shit is essentially brand new because everything I had died with my old laptop. And now everything important in my life exists in Google Docs, because fuck this ever happening again.

I’ll wrap this up here until I have something else I actually want to talk about.


~ by Ashley on May 5, 2015.

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