Oh, sure, I’ll play.

I keep neglecting this thing. I’m in a stressful place and I don’t just want to post about crap, and it’s a little hard when I don’t have time to post about the good things that happen.  : P

Modding is okay for now because I generally don’t have to do much. I’m trying to not have to step down this time around *clings to JFF* but next semester is going to be fucking hideous. 

This semester is pretty trying too. Math Physics had an exam last Tuesday on Fourier analysis. I have to wait to find out that I failed that until this coming Tuesday. My other classes are fine but they keep me busy with a lot of smaller assignments peppered throughout my week, while Math Phys is the giant looming in the background, and in the foreground, and kind of everywhere. 

  • I’m taking both a Psychology of Women and a Women and Gender Studies class, which are very similar to each other, except I like WGST more. The PW professor calls herself a Feminist Psychologist. I consider myself to be a feminist (provided folks who use the word understand that it’s more inclusive than just being for women) but I don’t understand how a feminist psychologist would not automatically produce research that is inherently biased. But moving on~
  • I’m taking some gym classes to minimize the actual class workload. This means I run a few times a week, practice MMA once a week and have dedicated a weekend earlier this semester to aerobic dance. I am the fastest runner and the smallest fighter. I get thrown around a lot. Fun times.
  • I have two astrolabes (ha ha) this semester, but we already only have two weeks left. Spectroscopy – my favorite – and then H-R Diagram + Quiz 2.
  • I have extracurricular astronomy textbook fun I have yet to have the chance to crack into. This is what I want to do the most, but it unfortunately has to be at the bottom of my list of priorities. Life is suffering.
  • I am forgetting about something. YES. I’m taking an online class about Climate Change in Modern Times. We’re probably fucked and we’re really stupid about it.

Next semester will include some piddly bullshit things to offset Ethics, E&M (Round 2) and Mechanics (Round 2…). I heard a rumor that we can take the gym classes^ more than once, for credit, which might help me, although I might switch up running for volleyball. And it’ll probably be my last semester of teaching labs, like, ever, because I don’t know if I could even get into grad school at this point or deserve the chance if I magically got it. So there’s that. 

That’s all for now. Time to get ready for next week.


~ by Ashley on November 29, 2015.

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