Breaker, breaker…

•March 9, 2015 • 1 Comment

Took the Ham radio license test last night and got a perfect score.

If you ever want to get a Ham technician’s license, which is not a bad idea if you ever want to do physics and such, use this website to study for the test. The test itself only consists of 35 questions all pulled from the questions on that site. Those are even the same answer options to the questions, in the same order as they appear on the actual exam. Like I said, after I spent time studying I got a perfect score and was finished within like two minutes. The test itself cost $15.

The weather here had been oscillating between pretty cold and very slightly warmer for a couple days, which did interesting things to the snow. It got warm enough to start sleeting a little bit after it had snowed a lot, and then it got cold again, so it turned into a sheet of slickness atop the snow.


The top layer of shiny-snow was so crispy! You could skip rocks across the top of it! It was fun to walk on, but then I felt bad about ruining the pretty, so I stopped.


This week is supposedly supposed to get warmer, so, probably not much more snow after this.

Got some things for cheap from eBay today. Like, things for $0.80. Surprises in the mail: check.

Bedtime before another week.



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Word in the reading room is that the not-assigned-but-then-suddenly-assigned homework problems weren’t used toward boosting our exam grades, so there’s news. I was late to class today so I didn’t get to hear it firsthand. At least I’m not angry anymore. Just a little sore with residual frustration and ugh from being vitriolic for two solid weeks. And I finished one of the homework problems for Thursday in class today because I taught myself his silly regurgitated lecture already.

Broke in my phone with Ingress tonight while Brandon was in class. The battery lasted the whole time playing + listening to 8tracks, which is phenomenal. And I got messaged by not one but two regular players who had tips for me, which is neat considering I am awkward as fuck.

The Inventek GPS chip for our weather balloon payload in Capstone is flat-out defective. My team member Susan has emailed the company and hopefully we won’t have to order a new one and then not get it in time for launch, because this is supposed to be the primary tracking unit for the whole damn project.  And this is the PCB that the chip gets soldered to.


Well, it would be, if it had been made with the right dimensions. It’s only very slightly off, but the chip is supposed to be soldered onto the little square with the little metal tabs, and its little metal tabbies didn’t line up with the tabs on the PCB you see there. I soldered all of it on a correct PCB for our broken chip. Now I might get to do it again~

Bah. I’ll take another picture if I have to solder anything tomorrow.

In celebration of no more E&M bullshit-stress:

New horizons?

•March 2, 2015 • 2 Comments

I dropped my phone in our friends’ driveway earlier this week, and it got crunched by a car. Now I have a Galaxy S4.

My new super-badass phone has ASTRONOMY in its name. Beautiful graphics, boss internet, 8tracks, Ingress.

And now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
… because it wasn’t bad enough before, I guess.

There will be FIREWORKS tomorrow!

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fight club

Just learned that Vanilla Ice’s real name is Robert Van Winkel because he was just arrested in Florida for burglary. Feeling really good right now.

A song, you say?
Well sure, don’t mind if I do~

Resonator deployed: Portal online.

•February 17, 2015 • 4 Comments

The portal next to my apartment complex has been owned by the same person since we moved in here in September. I noticed it was weakened when we drove past it earlier today, so I walked back out to it in the snow and stole it. Teehee motherfuckers.

midna teehee

Derek, it’s too bad you don’t have a smartphone.

A pessimist because of intelligence…

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…but an optimist because of will.

I was right about the E&M exam. 60 percent. At least I passed? I guess?


So far everyone else I’ve talked to has gotten somewhere in the 30 to 40 percent range, so a current passing grade in E&M might be a hot commodity at the moment anyway. Except for Hans, who got a 69 percent on the exam (lol). And Brandon got an 84. Bastard. Won’t know stuff for sure until class on Tuesday.

We went out for sushi last night and it was pretty wonderful. Tonight there’s a JSA event (Japanese Student Association) where I think there will be some sort of dancing (Kabuki?) and surely food, so hopefully I get some delicious Japanese food two days in a row.

Started learning this one now. < 3

Days are illusions.

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One of the requirements for our Capstone class is that everyone in the high-altitude weather balloon groups has to get their Ham Radio Technician’s License well before the launch window, so Brandon and I have to take the test sometime before 8 March. We were initially going to take a test tomorrow morning in Ann Arbor (~5 to 10 miles away from here), but then I started studying.

sweet jesus

The questions on the exam are pulled from a pool of hundreds of questions. Hundreds and hundreds of them. So far I’ve finished the first subelement. This next week of school is the last week before spring break, so next weekend we’re getting it out of the way and going to Flint to take the exam stationed there instead, and we can enjoy break without having to worry about it.


Gives us seven days to learn all of the hundreds instead of seven hours. Unfortunately Flint is around two hours away, so we’ll probably head up there the night before and stay in a cheap room somewhere. I’ll probably look into fun things to do there, seeing as life currently involves a whole lot of deliberate unfun. Or I’ll just paint the city. Team Enlightened?

The Chromebook continues to grow on me. I still miss Skype, but at least I’m posting in my blog again I guess, and I’m forced to find other things to amuse myself with on this thing. Of course, that means I end up changing my wallpaper like seven times every day… >.>
But the battery lasts ALL DAY. I don’t have to charge it at all until I go to bed.  +1

I am not sure how that E&M exam went. I probably just put a lot of time and effort into getting myself some sort of D.

That’s okay, I sure as shit finished next Tuesday’s reading assignment and homework problem yesterday as soon as he assigned it. All of the exams in that class are open-notes and open-book – which gives an indication as to the nature of the material itself.

There are 49 homework problems in the textbook for this chapter, and I am about to embark on an epic journey to finish all of them so they can all be in my binder for the next exam. No more goddamn guessing games for me.

Until next time.